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How can I get involved?

1. Meet with your legislator

  • What if I don’t know who my legislator is?
  • Go to
  • Once you find your legislator, click on the legislator’s name and you will be taken to a screen that includes both the District and State Offices for the legislator. When you contact the legislator’s office, the staff will let you know when the legislator will be in their office and you can schedule a meeting with the legislator. Legislators love to meet their constituents. You can offer to help them with any legislation as it relates to mental health.

2. To find the full text of bills, as well as find the current status of legislation, click here and enter the bill number. 

3. Send a letter to your legislator introducing yourself as a constituent in their district and offer to be a resource for them. 

4. Contact the KPS Office (785) 233-7154 if you have questions or concerns about Mental Health Issues and current legislation in Kansas. 

Local Support

Join the Central Missouri Recovery Coalition

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